The team

They are passionate and enthusiastic


Marie-Hélène Corbin, FGA, CG (WGF)
President and CEO

Marie-Hélène is gemmologist and accredited Senior Gemologist by the AGA. While directing and developing the school, she supervises the courses and remains attentive to teachers and students.
Her objectives are to promote the school across Canada and around the world and to contribute to the reputation of gemmology. To do so, she has built a team of passionate teachers, professionals in gemmology and with a strong pedagogy. She is also ambassador for the Gemmologie & Francophonie association.
Aware of the changes in the world of minerals and gems, she is in a process of continuous improvement, in order to offer professionals specialized training and to make students professionals as soon as they leave the EGM.


Caroline Terrades Gagnaire
Project Manager

After nine years of management in retail in France, and then six years dedicated to the well-being of everyone as a naturopath, Caroline joined EGM.
Organised and dynamic, in a constant search for improvement, she puts her good humour and efficiency at the service of students and teachers.
Her experience in terms of project management and change management is invaluable in supporting the EGM in its dynamic evolution and development.


Our team

EGM’s teachers, all certified gemmologists who practice variously as appraisers, merchants, jewellers or lapidaries, are passionate about their work and share their enthusiasm with their students. The diversity of their backgrounds and experience is incomparably valuable to our students.

Lucille Daver, M.Sc (geology), FGA, CG (WGF)
Gemmologist and doctoral student in Geochemistry and Mineralogy
After a Master’s degree in Volcanology, Lucille has continued to deepen her knowledge in the field of stones and earth: a Gem-A Gemmology degree, her WGF diplomas and a Master’s degree in Economic Geology have enriched her career. Lucille continues her doctoral studies (in Geochemistry and Mineralogy) at UQAM, and she generously and rigously shares her passion for minerals with EGM students.
Dorian Fitchko, FGA, CG (WGF)

A certified gemmologist through the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and WGF, Dorian is a former student turned professor and curriculum administrator at EGM in the English department.  Now with the school for over a decade, Dorian effectively prepares students for their final exams, whether in introductory classes or professional certifications thanks to his experience and joy of teaching.

Marianne Dragon, CG (WGF), EGMA
Gemmologist and appraiser
Passionate about gemstones since she was a child, Marianne began a career in jewellery before successfully completing the WGF Career Gemmologist course. She then continued her career by becoming an EGMA Gem Expert Appraiser.
The Appraisal Center can now count on the rigor, precision, discretion, and efficiency that Marianne demonstrated throughout her training; knowledge and skills acquired during her three years in the jewelry business. Valuable assets at the service of the Center’s clients.
Céline David, PhDc, GG (guest lecturer)
Gemmologist, expert consultant
Based in Brussels, Céline is a certified gemologist and a graduate in History, Art and Archeology. Specialized in medieval jewelry, she acts as an expert with several auction houses and courts in Europe. His knowledge and passion make the course on The History of Jewel an exciting epic through styles, techniques and times.
Marya Samman, BSc, FGA
Gemmologist and Jewellery Photographer
Graduated in pharmacy, Marya also studied professional photography at Concordia University and gemmology at EGM. Certified by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, she photographs the creations of Montreal jewellers and transmits to students her passion for stones, with the rigor of the scientist and the eye of the artist.

Alisson Lemaire, FGA
Gemmologist and contractor
After launching her jewelry line at the age of 15, Alisson stayed in the gem world. She travelled extensively to gem-rich sites. Thanks to this precious field experience, she takes pleasure in pigmenting her lessons with real-life stories. Teaching and sharing the knowledge of gems is a vocation for her.
Michel Auzat (1955-2022)
Gemmologist, guest lecturer
Michel Auzat passed away on April 26, 2022.
Each of his visits was greatly appreciated, as much by the professors as by the students.
We keep him preciously in memory, thank him for all that he brought, and think warmly of him during the crystallography courses that were so dear to him.