The Gem Academy of Canada

The Gem Academy of Canada

The Montreal School of Gemmology (EGM) is now the learning facility for the Gem Academy of Canada, a division of the World Gem Foundation (WGF).

As the Gem Academy of Canada, the EGM has obtained the exclusive license for all of Canada, and is proud to offer various trainings and programs that meet the requirements of the WGF.

If you wish to know more, you can click HERE: you will have access to the Gem Academy of Canada web page on the WGF website.

The World Gem Foundation

The WGF is an international not-for-profit organization. Its objective is to promote gemmology as a science, by offering quality and comprehensive courses, both theoretical and practical.

The WGF programs are proposed to students wishing to become gemmologists as well as jewellers or professional gemmologists wishing to improve their skills.

In 2020, the WGF has 14 academies worldwide.

These academies form a real network: it is thus possible to start your studies in one academy and, for practical reasons, to continue them in another.

To learn more about the WGF, you can click HERE.

The founder

Geoffrey M. Dominy created the World Gem Foundation in 2015. Its objective is to offer gemology students the most complete and qualitative training possible, at the best price. The courses are intended to be modern, didactic and practical: students should enjoy learning.

Geoffrey offers unique services: a lifetime access to online courses for each student, as well as free refresher courses every two years, award-winning gem photographs, modularity and flexibility of the courses in order to best adapt to each student’s lifestyle, and a credit system to enhance its training. You also have access to a free gemmology magazine, Gemmology Today, which you can read by clicking HERE.

In harmony with this philosophy and concern for student service, the EGM has chosen to take the exclusive license for Canada of the WGF under the banner of the Gem Academy of Canada.

International diplomas

We offer three training courses leading to internationally recognized diplomas:

You can access the course pages by clicking directly on the diploma you are interested in.

The Career Gemmologist diploma contains de facto expertise in the field of diamonds and coloured stones.

  • – Indeed, the student who obtains the Career Gemmologist diploma automatically obtains the Coloured Gemstone Professional diploma and the Diamond Professional diploma.
  • – In the same way, the student who has obtained the Diamond Professional Diploma and who wants to enrich his career by acquiring the Coloured Gemstone Professional (and vice-versa) will automatically become a Career Gemmologist without taking an exam or paying any additional fees.
  • Diamond Professional + Coloured Gemstone Professional = Career Gemmologist



The special feature of the WGF courses is that they are designed as an individual training: each course is an entity in itself.

Thus, it is possible, while following the various courses at one’s own pace, to progressively build one’s gemmology diploma. Within the Gem Academy of Canada, it is possible to enrol in an intensive course to obtain the Career Gemmologist Diploma in six months.

Theoretical courses are offered in three forms: online on a digital version, online with printed material, and on site at the EGM. Students following an online course benefit from individual tutoring.

There are five theory courses:

  • – Basic Gemmology
  • – Advanced Gemmology
  • – Gem Identification
  • – Diamonds
  • – Coloured Gemstones

All of these courses are grouped together within the Career Gemmology Module: choosing this option allows you to benefit from a price reduction. For more information, click HERE.

The Gem Academy of Canada offers six practical workshops:

  • – Gem Identification #1
  • – Gem Identification #2
  • – Lab-created & Treated Gems
  • – Diamond Grading & Lab-created Diamonds
  • – Coloured Gemstones Grading #1
  • – Coloured Gemstones Grading #2 (online workshop with Gemewizard)

All of these courses and workshops lead to the three international diplomas in gemmology.

For the passionate and curious, three specialist courses are proposed:

  • – Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds
  • – Opals and Jad
  • – Organic Gems

These courses give a credit for any student wishing to take the Coloured Gemstones course in the future.


Courses are given in a certain order, as some courses require prerequisites.

As far as the theoretical courses are concerned, everyone is free to choose the course formula that suits them best: online course with tutoring, online course with a printed version (and tutoring), or on-site course at EGM.

It is possible to request additional tutoring for those who wish.

The online courses can be taken throughout the year, but the on-site courses can only be chosen according to the calendar of EGM.

Whichever option is chosen (online or on-site), everyone has online access to their courses. This access remains available for life, and is updated every two years, free of charge. Indeed, gemmology is constantly evolving: therefore, a student – even a graduate – will always remain a student!

The payment of each training is made at the module: this allows to spread out the payments, according to the time spent on each training.

The practical exams are done at the EGM premises, while theoretical exams are done online. Corrections are immediate.

In case of failure, it is possible to retake the exams for free.

At the Gem Academy of Canada, we are here to assist and accompany everyone on their road to success of becoming a professional gemmologist.

Registration and admission requirements

For module courses

The registration is validated from the moment the module is paid for. For on-site courses, it is important to consult the registration deadlines. We ask you to pay attention to the pre-requisite requests for certain modules.

For the intensive Gemmology courses (Career / Diamonds / Coloured stones)

The student must send his or her application to the EGM, along with a cover letter and resume by email ( or by post (460 Sainte-Catherine West, door 913, Montreal QC H3B 1A7 CANADA). The administration of EGM will evaluate the demand and send its response to the candidate within 5 working days. This process is important in order to validate the student’s project and to ensure all chances of success.

Residence permit (foreign students only)

Applicants from outside Canada for whom a residence permit is required will have to take immediate steps to obtain a visa. EGM does not prepare immigration files. For more information on the procedures to follow, please contact Canadian immigration officials.

Validation of registration

Following the receipt of the notice of acceptance of his application for the Diplomas courses, the student will have to send his / her payment for the first module. The EGM management will then send the candidate an official letter confirming his / her registration, and will send him / her all the information concerning the start of the school year and the course schedule.

For all students registering for theory courses, whether online or on-site: the EGM will send each student the code and password to access the digital version of the course.

For the workshops, the EGM will send the student information about the course before the course begins.

Cancellation and Refund Conditions

The EGM follows Quebec refund laws, taking into account the fact that some courses are transmitted for life. Thus, if the student cancels:

Online theory courses

  • – Before receiving your access codes, the totality of the course will be refunded.
  • – After transmission of the access codes to the course: no refund will be possible.

Theoretical courses in the classroom

  • – Before receiving your access codes, the totality of the course will be refunded.
  • – From the D-day: courses not taken in the classroom will be refunded, less a penalty equal to 10% of the amount of the courses not taken, as well as the price of the online course.
  • – The amount of the online course selected will be done on a numeric or printed basis, depending on whether the student has the printed courses or not.


  • – Before the beginning of the workshop, the totality of the course will be refunded.
  • – From the D-day: courses not taken in the classroom will be refunded, less a penalty equal to 10% of the amount of the courses not taken

In the case of cancellation of a foreign student‘s registration, whether for personal reasons or administrative causes independent of the EGM (failure to obtain a visa for example), the penalty equivalent to 10% of the courses not taken will remain applied.

If the EGM cancels a workshop due to an insufficient number of registrants, for example, or for any other reason, the course will be fully refunded.

Conduct of examinations

Passage conditions

The theory exams are conducted online, and the practical exams are conducted on-site.

The exams take place in real conditions: students can refer to a textbook, as they could do while being gemologists. The important thing is the correctness and accuracy of the answer.

The final exams for the Diamonds and Coloured Stones Diplomas require essay-type answers, for which the consultation of any document is forbidden. Since the exam takes place online, it must be supervised: by taking the exam at an academy (home academy or another academy in the world), by using a supervisor approved by the WGF and who will then be paid by the student (the current rate is $20 per hour).

In case of failure

A second attempt is allowed free of charge (except for the General Intrest Courses), with no delay between passes.

If the student fails again, he or she will have to take new courses and pay for a new exam.

In case of success

A certificate is issued for each module. This certificate is taken for granted for any student wishing to go on his way in the world of gems and acquire a diploma in Gemmology.

The Gemmologist diplomas are delivered when the totality of the exams of each module is passed.

Any Diamond Professional continuing his or her course and acquiring the Coloured Gemstone Professional Diploma will de facto receive the Career Gemmologist Diploma.

Any Coloured Gemstone Professional continuing his career and passing the Diamond Professional exam will also receive the Career Gemmologist Diploma.

Any Career Gemmologist graduate will receive at the same time the Diamond Professional and Coloured Gemstone Professional diplomas.