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Where Passion and Excellence Meet

Founded in 1995 and located in the heart of Montreal’s cultural district, The Montreal School of Gemmology (EGM) is a private gemmological training institute welcoming students from across Canada and around the world.

Over the last twenty-five years EGM has earned both national and international recognition for its high standards of education and professional instructors.

Today EGM is a centre of excellence where knowledge and expertise are fuelled by passion, thanks to intensive or free scheduled trainings, leading to international diplomas, online and on-site courses, in French and English.

The EGM Mission

  • Train gemmologists according to the highest global standards.
  • Offer advanced training for industry professionals.
  • Introduce beginners and amateurs to the fascinating world of gems.

Where Theory and Practice Combine

Transforming theoretical knowledge into practical competence is the foundation of EGM’s pedagogical approach.

Professional instructors, two well-equipped laboratories, and a collection of almost 3 000 teaching specimens provide students with the opportunity to learn and apply the science of gemmology.

EGM also organizes study tours to important gem producing countries where participants have the opportunity to witness first hand many important aspect of the gem and jewellery industry. Past tour destinations include: Myanmar, Tahiti, Brazil, and Tanzania.

A Bilingual Institution

EGM’s courses and workshops are offered in both English and French. All our instructors are bilingual and all assignments and exams can be written in either language according to the student’s choice.

Accreditation and Affiliations

EGM has been granted the exclusive license for Canada by the World Gem Foundation (WGF). This allows EGM to deliver courses and prepare students for the international degrees of the WGF: Career Gemmologist and Diamond Professional.

EGM’s Gem and Jewellery Appraisal Course is recognized by the Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA) and endorsed by Gemworld International.

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8 good reasons to choose
the Montreal school of gemmology


A wide range of degree programs, professional development workshops and à la carte courses


High-level theoretical and practical trainings, on-site and online courses, on all aspects of gemmology


Recognition by the major national and international organizations


Un vaste choix de formations diplômantes, d’ateliers de perfectionnement et de cours à la carte


A bilingual French-English school


A laboratory-classroom and equipment at the cutting edge of technology


An educational collection of nearly 3,000 gems


An ideal location in the centre of Montreal, at one hour’s flight from New York and six hours from Paris