Unearth the fascinating world of gems, and see why these beautiful stones have captured our imagination for thousands of years.  In a relaxed and friendly environment, you will learn important characteristics of the most popular gems of the world.

Session will start with foundations such as :

  • Definitions and appropriate terminology of the most important concepts
  • The gem journey from the rock to the jewellery store
  • How to measure dimensions, weight and cut types
  • Techniques of observation with a loupe and microscope
  • Types of treatments and synthetics, assembled or artificial gems present on the market

Session dedicated to the study of the most popular gems on the market; Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires will be in your hands to name a few!

Who Should Take This Course

This course is perfect for anyone interested in gemstones.  Professionals and amateurs alike will benefit from the opportunity to observe numerous specimens and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature’s sparkling creations.

No prerequisites.

What You’ll Learn

Students will learn about gem formation and mining, gem cutting and care, as well as important characteristics that contribute to the identification and unique beauty of each gem.  A portion of each class is dedicated to hands-on training, offering students proper gemmological observation techniques using a loupe and microscope.

What You’ll Receive

All students will receive detailed course notes filled with information and illustrations that will serve as a valuable reference.  Students who successfully complete the course and pass the final exam will receive an attestation from EGM.

 Following Gemmology 1, students wishing to continue can enroll in Gemmology 2, where they will learn and apply their observational skills to a larger selection of commonly known and obscure gemstones not covered previously.

The Gemmology 1 course is the first step in the path to the iGEM Gemmology Certificate.

Languages and Schedule

This course is offered in English on Monday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (or in French on Tuesday). See course calendar for details.

Registration and Payment

Payment is considered as registration. Payment can be made on this page, also by debit or credit card by calling the school at (514) 844-0024, by Interac on the email info@egmtl.com

The price of the course is $550 before taxes, and is subject to applicable taxes: 5% federal tax (GST) and 9.975% provincial tax (QST). 

The final price is therefore $632.36.

Certificate Program

For those who want to further pursue their gemmological training, EGM offers a Certificate program. Students who complete Gemmology 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as the Diamond Grading and the Pearl Grading Workshops can sit the EGM Certificate exams. Students who successfully pass the Certificate theory and practical exams will receive an EGM Certificate in Gemmology.