The Science of Gemcutting

The Science of Gemcutting combines traditional gemological knowledge with an advanced understanding of optics to help you understand WHY different cuts help or hurt the color and brightness of a stone as well as WHAT each of the traditional cutting styles does for light and dark toned stones. The course was written as complement to our Gemcutting Foundations course but can be followed by itself.

This course will cover advanced optics that haven’t been previously presented; software design, design aesthetics (with a historic and scientific analysis of 25 classic cuts), along with an extensive exploration of color and how the cutter can manipulate and master it through cut design. The course will also demonstrate the CAD software GemCutStudio in order to modify the design of a pre-existing stone to prepare it for an optimal recut.

Learning objectives

  • Make better buying decision by learning what good and bad cutting looks like
  • Discover how gemology is used in the process of cutting and recutting gemstones
  • Learn the science that dictates whether a stone does or doesn’t perform well
  • Understand why the quality of the cut matters and learn how an understanding of the gemological properties of different materials plays a critical role for the master cutter
  • Compare a variety of cuts to determine how different designs can make or break a stone in terms of : beauty, brilliance, color, and more.

Who Should Take This Course

This workshop is for anyone in the gem and gemcutting trade who wants to dive deeper into the physical world of gemcutting. It’s ideal for gemologists who want to understand how science comes into play during the gem cutting process, as well as the gem dealer or jeweler who wants a better understanding of what to look for when buying cut stones and what to ask for when commissioning a lapidary to cut or recut a stone for maximum beauty.

Languages and Schedule

This course is offered in English by Justin K Prim.

It lasts one day, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

How to Register

You can register online, by phone at 514-844-0024, or by mail.

Teacher Bio’s

Justin K Prim is an American gem cutter and author. He has been cutting gemstones since 2013 and has trained as a lapidary in the United States, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the UK, and Switzerland. To support his work as a gemcutter, he has attended gemology programs at GIA and AIGS. He has travelled around the world to various gem producing regions to learn about rough and has visited mines in Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Europe, and the Americas.

Justin previously taught faceting at the Institute of Gem Trading in Bangkok as well as teaching gemology courses at AIGS Bangkok. He recently released his first book, The Secret Teachings of Gemcutting, which collects the worlds classic faceting patterns and presents them in an easy to cut format as well as providing a section on the gemmological information that is most useful to the gemcutter. Aside from teaching and writing, Justin also gives talks and presentations about faceting and faceting history around the world.

To see Justin’s work, check out his Instagram profile: @justinkprim

Victoria Raynaud is French gemcutter and gemologist. She learned gemcutting through an apprenticeship in Geneva and worked as a professional lapidary for three years in Switzerland, specializing in the cutting of small, precision-cut stones for the Swiss watch industry. She has also worked as a sample fabrication specialist and analyst in both GIA and DANAT, in departments focused on origin determination research.

She has attended gemology programs at both Gem-A (via their French course at EGM Montreal) and GIA in Bangkok. Victoria has taught gemcutting in Bahrain and Thailand and is able to teach in multiple languages and on multiple machines. She speaks French and English and has travelled on gemstone field expeditions to Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

To see Victoria’s work, check out her Instagram profile: @victoriaraynaud