Coloured Gemstones Grading 2

The Coloured Gemstones Grading 2 course, developed by the WGF (World Gem Foundation), is devoted to the practical gradation of coloured gemstones by Gemewizard® system and ColourWise system.

This online course is designed to create a critical bridge between the gemmological scientific world and the gem and jewellery trade. It has been designed to significantly shorten the period it generally takes to obtain the practical experience required to work in the trade.

Graduates of this course will have a thorough understanding and proficiency in the grading, evaluation and pricing of coloured stones using the significant database of real gem online images and actual gem-like sample kit, achieving a level of comprehension that would normally take years to achieve.

Course fees include a lifetime subscription to ColourWise, access to the Gemewizard online system, online exercises and the WGF study stone grading glass samples.

Who should take this course

This course is aimed at lovers of coloured stones with a solid knowledge of gemmology, students wishing to become gemmologists or gemmologists specialising in coloured stones.
It is possible to take this course at the EGM premises, depending on the calendar displayed.

Professional gemmologists can also upgrade their knowledge thanks to the in-depth approach this course offers in grading coloured stones.

Format and Update Course

This hands-on course is online.

Once finished, you keep lifetime access to the ColourWise system.


You must have passed the Coloured Gemstones exam.

However, this course may be of interest to professional gemmologists wishing to update or enrich their knowledge. In this case, please contact the EGM at

If you wish to obtain the Career Gemmologist or Coloured Gemstones Professional diplomas, it is strongly advised to respect the organisation of the courses as indicated in the right-hand column.

Language and schedules

This online workshop is presented in English.

It is also available in French. If you want to register in this language, please go to the French page of the course: Gradation des pierres de couleurs 2.

This course is given online. You can therefore take it at home, in a flexible way.

How to register

Online, by mail or by phone at 514 844-0024. Registration for courses in French has to be done on the French version of the page.

Once registered, you will receive your student access code for the course.


Certificate program

The Coloured Gemstones Grading 2 course is sanctioned by an exam. This one is done online. The results are available quickly. A certificate is issued.
Upon successful completion of this practical course, it will count towards the Career Gemmologist and Coloured Gemstone Professional programs (you will receive course credits).
At this point, you should have completed your course for the Coloured Gemstone Professional Diploma (you will be required to take the final exam). If you wish to become a Career Gemmologist, the next course will be the theoretical Diamonds course or the practical course Diamonds Grading / Lab-created Diamonds, depending on the course you have completed so far.

You can consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the WGF website.