Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation Diploma

The Montreal School of Gemmology is one of the few institutions to offer intensive and comprehensive training in rough diamond grading and evaluation.

Our structured program uses a series of presentations and an emphasis on practical work to help students master the following concepts:

  • How to assess the quality and value characteristics of rough diamonds
  • How to sort and select quality rough
  • How to calculate and evaluate a rough diamond’s potential yield
  • How to differentiate between natural diamond and it’s many imitations

Our well-equipped laboratory classroom and large collection of rough diamonds allows students to apply their new skills with the guidance of our experienced and professional instructors.

Who Should Take This Course

Professionals and novices from Canada or abroad with a passion for diamonds and the diamond industry looking to better understand the mine to market journey of one of nature’s most interesting beauties.

Prerequisites: EGM’s Facetted Diamond Grading Workshop or WGF Diamond Professional.

What You’ll Receive

Students receive detailed course notes and an illustrated text that will serve as useful future references.
Students who complete the Facetted Diamond Grading Workshop as well as the Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation Course and who pass the final practical exam with a minimum grade of 75% will receive an EGM Diploma in Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation.

Languages and Schedule

This program runs for 5 days from 9 to 5 each day with homework and additional reading after class hours.


By phone at 514 844-0024 or by clicking on ‘I register’ on the right.


Cost: $1,900 + taxes

Customized Classes

An ideal option for companies looking to provide their staff with specialized training, EGM can arrange private classes for small groups of 2 or 3 students. Contact us at 514-844-0024 to arrange dates for your private course.