Career Gemmologist

Do you want to become a professional gemmologist and earn an internationally recognized diploma?

The Career Gemmologist program is for you!

Learn more about gemstone identification, coloured stone and diamond grading as well as all the new treatments and lab-grown gems on the market and how to identify them!

The WGF (World Gem Foundation) developed the Career Gemmologist program, to train gemmologists and give them a strong foundation in gemmology, coloured stones grading but also a solid expertise in diamonds and diamond grading.

The Career Gemmologist Diploma includes the Diamond Professional Diploma, as well as an in-depth training in coloured stone grading.

This program was designed to optimize your career opportunities in the gem and jewellery industry by giving you in-depth knowledge about gemstones, from the mine to the market! With hands-on practice and extensive theoretical knowledge, the career gemmologist program will give you the specialization and confidence you need to start your new career.

With over 25 years of experience, EGM has been training future gemmologists and diamond professionals, sharing its values, ethics and pursuit of excellence in an inclusive and student-oriented environment. EGM offers internationally recognized diplomas and classes can be taught both in English and French. All classes are spacious and professionally equipped, with one dedicated workstation for each student. Students have access to all classrooms, instruments, specialized and academic literature, as well as the EGM gem collection at any time during office hours, to study and practice.

All classes, with some rare exceptions, are held two professors, featuring visual aids and hands-on practice, learning how to examine and identify gemstones and how to use professional instruments efficiently. The entire program is taught in small classes only, to provide the best support for each student.

For more info, download the Career Gemmologist Program brochure:

Is this program for me?

The Career Gemmologist Program has no specific prerequisites and is open to everyone: from gem enthusiasts wishing to learn more about their passion to professionals looking to develop their expertise and update their knowledge and identification skills on treatments and lab-grown gems…

How does it work?

The Career Gemmologist program consists of:

  • 5 theoretical courses (minimum 4 months of study)
  • 6 practical workshops: 5 on-site (28 full days) and 1 online

All practical workshops are available in English or French.

The theoretical courses are available through Distance education, with two options:

  • 100% digital
  • printed material with access to the digital content.

Please note that on-site courses are only given in French at that moment, except the Diamonds course that be followed on-site (please red the PDF).

Online courses must be completed, with a minimum score of 70% required to pass the online tests, before starting the workshops. 14 hours of individual tutoring are offered.

Please read the PDF above for more details.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for the whole program is:

  • 9,890 CAD before tax (11,371.03 CAD tax included) using the 100% digital version for the theoretical course.
  • Or 10,410 CAD before tax (11,968.90 CAD tax included) with printed material.

The hours of tutoring and shipping are included in the prices.

If you follow the Diamonds course on-site, the final price will be different.

Language and schedules

The course is taught in English.

It is also available in French. To register, please go to: Gemmologue de Carrière.

The online theoretical course allows you to study at your own pace, wherever you are. Distance education students are assigned an instructor who will support them during the whole duration of the program, answer their questions and give them precious advice to prepare for their exams.

Make sure to respect the order of each unit, as indicated on the PDF.

Workshops are booked from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4 or 5pm.

How to register

We ask you to send us your resume and cover letter to We will propose a meeting with you in order to validate the relevance of this training in relation to your career objectives.

Then register online, by mail, by phone at 514 844-0024, or at the EGM (please take an appointment). Registration for courses in French can be done on the French version of the page.

Once your registration is done, you will receive your student online access code (whether you chose the 100% digital version or printed material version of the course).

Graduation policy

Throughout the course, the instructor will offer you various assignments to keep track of your progress and help you prepare for the exams. The on-site mock exams will help you to prepare the final exams.

To graduate from this program, the student must pass 14 online tests (multiple-choice), the 2 final theoretical exams as well as the 2 final practical exams with a minimum score of 70 %.

If a student did not achieve a passing score on the first attempt, a second attempt to retake the exam is granted for free.

For more info about the EGM, please click HERE.