EGM Discovery Workshops

Did you know that rubies and sapphires are part of the same gem family? And that the same is true for emeralds and aquamarines?

Our ‘discovery workshops’ are tailored to help you discover the fascinating world of the most famous gems: rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds are in the spotlight!

Each 4-hour workshop focuses on one specific gem: You will learn about their different physical and optical characteristics, their geological formation and their main geographical sources.

You will also be introduced to the handling of these gems with tweezers, to the observation with a x10 loupe, as well as the use of the microscope. These gemmological tools will allow you to apply the identification methods for those gems, whether they are natural, treated or lab-created. The School’s large gem collection will be at your disposal during this practice.

Finally, you will discover the different colour grading systems (or the “4C’s” for the diamond discovery workshop) and price estimation for each quality.

Discovering the Ruby's depth and beauty

From the “pigeon’s blood” red of Myanmar to Greenland very sublte pinks and light reds, discover the ruby’s magic!

Unveiling the Sapphire's secrets

From Kashmir’s royal blue to Ceylon’s “cornflowers”,  after this training, these splendid gems will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Understanding the Emerald's unique beauty

After this workshop, you will be more than fascinated by this incredible gem, from the emeralds of Colombia to those of Zimbabwe!

Eternal Diamond

The fascination around the diamond is limitless, and this workshop will try to answer many questions!I

Practical Information

These workshops are for everyone: beginners and amateurs, gemmologists in training and working professionals wishing to improve or specialize.

Each workshop is given in English, from 9am to 1pm on Saturday. For the workshops in French, please click HERE.

Registration is done online, by phone at 514-844-0024, or by mail.