Career Gemmology Module

The Career Gemmology Module includes all the theoretical courses leading to the Career Gemmologist Diploma:

Registering directly for the Career Gemmology Module rather than for each module means paying for the entire module before starting the course, but saves money (see pricing section below).

Who should take this course

This course is aimed at students who wish to become a gemmologist and preparing the WGF Career Gemmologist.

The Career Gemmologist Diploma contains a specialization in diamonds as well as in coloured gemstones. As a matter of fact, it allows you to acquire de facto the Diamond Professional and Coloured Gemstone Professional Diplomas.

Course Format and Updates

This course is available:

  • Online, in digital version
  • Online, in printed version
  • On-site at the EGM (in French)

As with all WGF courses, you benefit from special advantages:

  • Regardless of the formula chosen, the course is always given in digital version
  • The photos of gems available on this course have been rewarded for their high quality
  • Your access to the courses in digital version is acquired for life
  • The WGF makes an update every two years. Each student receives the digital version of this update for life and free of charge, and thus remains up to date with the latest developments in the world of gemmology
  • The online courses are accompanied by individual tutoring.


There are no prerequisites as this course is intended for those who wish to become gemmologists.

Language and schedules

In what concerns the online course, it’s presented in English.

It is also available in French. If you want to register in this language, please go to the French page of the course: Module Gemmologie de carrière.

If you wish to follow this course in Spanish (digital version only), please contact us at

If you wish to do your training in an intensive way, we advise you to plan four months at least for the study of this module, so as to finish and validate it before the workshops (you will find the starting date of the workshops on the page Gem Identification 1). 14 hours of tutoring, which you plan at your convenience, are offered to accompany you in your learning. You can follow this tutoring online, or on-site at the EGM.

If you choose to follow the totality of this course on-site at EGM, classes are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Fridays, from 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4pm, according to the announced schedule. At that moment, classes on-site are given only in French.


Online course with digital version: $2,160 CDN + taxes (i.e. $2,483.46)

The 14 hours of tutoring are included. The course paid per module would be $2,340 CDN + taxes (i.e. $2,690.42).

Online course with printed version: $2,640 CDN + taxes (i.e. $3,035.34)

The 14 hours of tutoring and shipping costs are included. The course paid per module would be $2,785 CDN + taxes (i.e. $3,202.05).

Classes on-site (in French): $6,060 CDN + taxes (i.e. $6,967.49)

The course paid for at the module would be $6,340 CDN + taxes (i.e. $7,289.42).

How to register

Before registering, we ask you to send us a CV and a cover letter. We will offer you an interview (on site or via Skype / Whatsapp / Zoom). Our objective will be to determine if this is the course that suits you best, and we will validate your schedule together.

Online, by mail or by phone at 514 844-0024. Registration for courses in French is done on the French version of the page.

Once registered, you will receive your student access code for the digital version of the courses.

For distance courses, you can request 14 hours of tutoring at your convenience. This tutoring is individual, and is provided by one of the EGM teachers. The tutoring is provided online, but you can follow this tutoring on-site at EGM. In this case, please send us an email to, once you have chosen your hours.

You can sign up for additional tutoring if you wish (fees not included).

Certificate program

In order to help you in the learning of the instruments, during your online studies, if you choose this format, and if you wish to equip yourself, we offer two carefully selected gemmology kits with a very good quality/price ratio.

The Career Gemmology Module is sanctioned by a series of exams. These are done online.

The results are available quickly. In case of failure, a second attempt is allocated, free of charge.

Passing the exams is sanctioned by a certificate for each of the five courses making up the Career Gemmology Module: Basic Gemmology, Advanced Gemmology, Gem Identification, Diamonds, Coloured Gemstones.

Once this module is successfully completed, the course for the Career Gemmology Diploma continues with practical workshops. The first one will be Gem Identification 1.

You can consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the WGF website.