Certificate in Gemmology

Curious and passionate about gemstones? Whether you are new to the fascinating world of gems, or already involved in the gem and jewellery industry the EGM Certificate in Gemmology program allows you to pursue your passion at your own pace in a structured yet open format leading to a gemmological credential.

To obtain the EGM Certificate students must complete the following core courses:

  • Gemmology 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • EGM’s Diamond Grading Workshop
  • EGM’s Coloured Stone Grading Workshop
  • EGM’s Pearl Grading Workshop

Exciting and complete at the same time, this program will give you the opportunity to study a large number of stones, from the most common to the most original, and to familiarize yourself with the main instruments of observation and analysis.

Who Should Consider This Program

Anyone with an interest in gemstones can enroll in this program. Whether your goals are personal or professional, this program provides an opportunity to expand your gemmological knowledge and upgrade your qualifications.

Languages and Schedule

All courses are offered in your choice of English or French. See the course calendar for dates and times.
Gemmology 1 and Gemmology 2 can be taken simultaneously in a single semester.
The Diamond Grading Workshop  and the Pearl Grading Workshop can be taken in any semester and have no prerequisites.

Certificate Requirements

To obtain the EGM Certificate in Gemmology students must meet the following requirements:

  • Pass all core courses with a minimum of 65%
  • Pass the Certificate theory exam (120 multiple choice questions) and practical exam (10 gems to test and identify in 3 hours).


The cost of the certificate is the payment of :

  • each Gemmology course
  • each workshop
  • 50 $ + taxes for the final exam.

Information and Registration

Whether you have already taken some of these courses or you are ready to enroll in your first class, please contact us at 514-844-0024 when you have decided that the Certificate Program is for you. We can work together to plan a schedule that is right for you.

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