Quality Charter and General Policies

EGM Quality Charter

The EGM is committed to its students in order to offer the best possible service:


All the necessary equipment is made available to students: observation instruments, a collection of 3,000 gems, magazines that can be consulted on site. In the large and bright classrooms, each student has their own professionally equipped workstation.
The school offers various books, equipment and instruments at the best possible price (direct from the manufacturer).


The EGM is committed to welcoming everyone with the same respect, regardless of their gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disabilities, age or sexual orientation. The quality of learning and the conditions of assessment are the same for all. The information collected from each student remains strictly confidential. No additional fees are charged once the courses have been paid for.
The codes of equal treatment inherent to the world of gemmology are also upheld during the courses.


The premises are cleaned on a daily basis, in compliance with the law to ensure everyone’s safety. The right gestures are explained when handling certain equipment in order to prevent any incidents.
During the time of Covid-19, health and safety rules are scrupulously respected, whether in class or in the premises calling for a move.


The EGM is committed to providing solid training that is designed to last over time. The various diplomas are recognized internationally, and EGM is constantly seeking partnerships with associations in order to further strengthen its national and international recognition, and therefore that of its diplomas and certificates.
All the courses are updated before each session (theoretical courses and workshops). The theory WGF courses are updated every two years.

Once a student, always a student

Service to students is at the heart of EGM’s policy and philosophy. Thus, with regard to the courses of the WGF: students have maximum flexibility in the organization of their schedule, in order to follow their course or obtain a diploma; they have lifetime digital access to the theoretical courses; via this access, they benefit from the updating of these courses every two years, free of charge and for life.
The school offers facilities such as a reception room, a cafeteria, access to classrooms outside of class hours to study. Graduate students are always welcome at EGM, whether for advice or support.


The EGM is committed to communicating transparently and effectively with each student. Results for each assessment are given promptly (immediately for the WGF online examinations). Exchanges are encouraged in class, so that any questions are answered. The online courses are accompanied by individual tutoring, either online or on the EGM premises, to answer questions or to accompany the theoretical course with practice (handling instruments, gem observation).


The EGM has been recognzsed for more than 25 years for the quality of its trainings. All the teachers are internationally qualified and have extensive professional experience. They regularly update their knowledge.
All the courses are worked on, presented with a maximum of photos and illustrations, systematically accompanied by practice. Classes are reduced (maximum 6 students in Covid-19 time, otherwise no more than 10 students per class), under the guidance of 2 teachers for more complex courses. The objective is to transmit knowledge in the most complete and pedagogical way possible, to encourage the exchange and support of each student.

General registration
and refund policy

1. Registration

All courses and workshops must be paid for prior to the start of the training sessions, as indicated on the page of the website dedicated to each training session. No registration will be guaranteed without the appropriate payment.

It may be possible to pay for a course or workshop in installments according to a pre-arranged agreement with EGM management. In such a case, it is imperative that you contact us at 514 844-0024.

Some courses demand a prerequisite: registration will only be accepted if this condition is met, in order to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the training for the student and the whole class.

Prior to any registration leading to one of the internationally recognized diplomas (Career Gemmologist, Diamond Professionnal, Gem and Jewellery Appraisal, Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation Diploma), it is requested to send a resume as well as a cover letter to info@egmtl.com.An interview is then proposed in order to validate the application. An interview is then proposed in order to validate the application. The objective is to verify if the student has the required level, in his/her own interest and that of the students as a whole, to check if the diploma corresponds to his/her (career) objective, and to answer any questions.

2. Cancellation and refund

The EGM applies cancellation and refund rules in accordance with the laws of Quebec.

Thus, a course cancelled before its beginning will be refunded.

Once the course has begun, a penalty corresponding to 10% of the amount of the course not taken will be withheld.

If a non-resident student cancels a course after registration, whether for personal reasons or for administrative causes beyond the control of the EGM (failure to obtain a visa for example), the penalty equivalent to 10% of the courses not taken will remain applied.

If the EGM cancels a workshop or a course due to an insufficient number of participants, for example, or for any other reason, the course will be fully refunded.

Since WGF theory courses are available for a lifetime, the online course fee cannot be refunded once the access codes have been communicated to the student via the internet and the printed documents have been sent. The refund process may be applied to the classroom portion of the fee.

Reception of foreign students

Candidates from outside Canada for whom a residence permit is required will have to take the necessary steps immediately to obtain a visa. The EGM does not prepare immigration files.

For more information on the procedures to follow, please contact the official Canadian immigration services. Indeed, depending on the country of origin, the regulations are different: a tourist visa alone may be sufficient, or a study visa may be necessary. In the latter case, the EGM will be able to provide a certificate of registration for the courses.

As many immigration websites are fraudulent, it is imperative that you go through an official website that you can find by clicking HERE or THERE.