Our programs

The EGM offers you courses and training that can be taken independently, but which are also part of more complex programs and training courses. Thus, whether it is for the pleasure of learning, the need to acquire a particular skill, or the desire to make a career out of it, our training courses are there to meet your various demands.

On this page you will find information for :

  1. The EGM Certificate of Gemmology courses
  2. EGM international diplomas, specialised in rough diamond and jewellery appraisal
  3. The international diplomas WGF Gemmologist
  4. Specialised courses

You will find out how the different courses fit together, how much they cost, which prerequisites are necessary and how long they last. You will find more details on the pages dedicated to each one of the courses and programs, where you can finalise your registration. You can directly access these pages by clicking on the course names highlighted in bold. The courses are also available in French, and you can find information about them by clicking HERE.

The 4 courses and 3 workshops of the EGM Certificate of Gemmology

Each of the courses leading to the EGM Certificate in Gemmology can be taken for one’s own enjoyment, with or without pre-requisites. Are you interested in just one course or workshop? Feel free to take it! If you would like a more in-depth course, it is necessary to follow the courses in a certain order, respecting the prerequisites. Each of these courses and workshops is given on-site at the EGM. By clicking on the names of the courses, you will be guided to their page on the EGM website.

The theoretical and practical courses offered are Gemmology 1, Gemmology 2, Gemmology 3, Gemmology 4.
We run the following practical workshops: Diamond Grading Workshop, Pearl Grading Workshop, Coloured Stone Grading Workshop.
If you wish to obtain the EGM Certificate of Gemmology, it is necessary to follow and pass each of these courses and workshops, and a final exam. For more information, you can click HERE.
The following diagram shows you how this programme is organised:

The two international EGM diplomas

The EGM offers you two major programs leading to an internationally recognised diploma: you can become a Gem and Jewellery Appraiser, or you can obtain the Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation Diploma. You will find further information and registration details by clicking on each of the two courses concerned.

In order to follow the Gem and Jewellery Appraisal Course, it is required to be a gemmologist or to follow the studies, to hold a certification in terms of Diamond Grading (or equivalent) and Pearl grading (or equivalent). The program itself includes the Story of Jewels course and the Coloured Stone Grading Workshop. All the training is given in French at that moment (except the Diamond Grading Workshop that is in English).

Training for the Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation Diploma requires a solid knowledge of diamonds, as well as a certification in Diamond Grading (or equivalent). By clicking on the names of the different courses listed, you will have all the necessary information. The whole training is given in English.

The three international WGF diplomas

EGM has the Canadian license (as the Gem Academy of Canada) to distribute the World Gem Foundation (WGF) courses. The various courses and workshops can be followed independently, for one’s own enjoyment (respecting the prerequisites), or to build a real diploma. You can thus become a Career Gemmologist, a Diamond Professional, or a Coloured Gemstone Professional. These courses are aimed at those who wish to become gemmologists. Therefore, no prior training in gemmology is required. For more information, simply click on each of the diplomas you are interested in.

The WGF / Gem Academy of Canada formula is unique, as much for the richness of its program, the depth of its studies, but also for the service it provides to students. The particularities of the WGF / Gem Academy of Canada courses are as follows:

Each theory course and workshop is awarded a letter of completion once the exams have been passed. These are done online. Theory courses are given online (in a pure digital version or with a printed support, with individual tutoring). They can be followed on-site, but in French at that moment. All practical courses are on-site. The combination of these different courses (each of which can be followed for pleasure or to bring one’s knowledge up to date) leads to each of the diplomas. Thus (by clicking on each of the courses, you will be directed to their page in the site, where you can register) :

Coloured Gemstone Professional = courses Basic Gemmology + Coloured Gemstones + Advanced Gemmology + Gem Identification + workshops Gem Identification 1 + Gem Identification 2 + Lab-created and Treated Gems + Coloured Gemstones Grading 1 + Coloured Gemstones Grading 2 + final examination

Diamond Professional = Diamonds course + Diamonds Grading / Lab-created Diamonds workshop + final examination

Students who have obtained both diplomas become de facto Career Gemmologist, without taking a new exam or paying an additional fee. The Career Gemmologist course includes all the courses and workshops with a final exam. In this case, it is possible to follow the Career Gemmology module, which includes all five theory courses. The graduate automatically receives the two specialist diplomas without having to retake an exam or pay an additional fee. The schedule as designed at the EGM allows each of the three degree courses to be followed intensively in the EGM.

Career Gemmologist = courses Basic Gemmology+ Advanced Gemmology + Gem IdentificationDiamonds + Coloured Gemstones + workshops Gem Identification 1 + Gem Identification 2 + Lab-created and Treated Gems + Coloured Gemstones Grading 1 + Coloured Gemstones Grading 2 + Diamonds Grading / Lab-created Diamonds + final examination


Career Gemmologist = Career Gemmology module + workshops Gem Identification 1 + Gem Identification 2 + Lab-created and Treated Gems + Coloured Gemstones Grading 1 + Coloured Gemstones Grading 2 + Diamonds Grading / Lab-created Diamonds + final examination

Courses to deepen your knowledge

Some courses are not part of a degree program, but nevertheless, offer solid and exciting content! Thus, two on-site courses are proposed to satisfy the curiosity of lovers of the Story of Jewels or to discover the secrets of Opal Grading. No prior training in gemmology is required to enroll in these two courses. It is different for the online courses Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, as well as Organic Gems or Opals and Jade. A good knowledge of gemmology is necessary to benefit from the specialization offered by each of these three courses.

The Story of Jewels course is part of the training for the international diploma Gems and Jewellery Appraisal, but can be taken for one’s leisure. The price of the in-depth courses Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Organic Gems and Opals and Jade will be deducted from the price of the Coloured Gemstones course if you wish to continue your course in the field of gems. Indeed, these three online courses offer such a comprehensive approach that we feel that a student should not have to pay them a second time when learning them. This is the philosophy of the WGF, encouraged and supported by the EGM.