How do you identify a doublet?

How do you identify a doublet?

A doublet consists in the association of two stones or materials with the intention to imitate a gem. The purpose of the doublet is of course to imitate a gemstone whose price is much higher.

In this first video, Céline Rose David, gemmologist-evaluator and professor at EGM explains and demonstrates how to identify a doublet that wants to imitate an emerald thanks to the white surface lines.

Sometimes bubbles and lines of glue also reveal the presence of a doublet, as this video shows it very well.

The difference in colour around the edge of a stone is also proof that we are facing a doublet and not a sapphire. The proof in the video!

In this last video, Céline Rose David demonstrates how certain cracks prove the existence of a doublet instead of the ruby he is trying to imitate…

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