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First independent laboratory in Quebec, LLG relies on the expertise of its gemologists and the reliability of its high-tech instruments to identify diamonds, coloured stones and blends.

LLG’s geographical proximity and its strong values (integrity, confidentiality, efficiency and excellence) make this laboratory a precious partner for EGM.

Thus, since the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, students preparing for gemmology diplomas have the opportunity to visit the premises. Some internships are offered in the laboratory, and EGM also offers professional workshops within LLG.

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The Gems and Jewelry Appraisal Center was created in 2019.
Due to its geographical proximity to the EGM, students have the opportunity to visit the center’s premises, carry out internships and practice in workshops.
The aim of this partnership (in the same way as the one with the LLG laboratory) is to offer professional training anchored in the world of work, a real field experience.

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