Being a gemmologist


Careers in gemmology

A hobby for some, a passion for others, gemmology can also become a career in itself (often a second career) or a specialization to complement your current profession.

Gem trade

Buyer / seller of gems in their raw or cut form, on production sites or at trade fairs or shops, for a company or on his own account.

Auction sales

Provide a valuation of gemstones in lots of jewellery at auction, catalogue preparation.

Advice and evaluation

Evaluation of gemstones (either as a self-employed individual or with a consulting firm), for example in the valuation of a donation or an estate, or to provide advice to collectors.

Jeweller, jewellery sales, watchmaking

Gemmologists can work in a jewellery shop (or open their own store!), become buyers for a major jewellery brand, work as appraisers, etc.


Gemmologists can serve as customs experts in the evaluation of imported (legally or otherwise!) gemstones, pearls and jewellery.


Laboratory researcher or gemmologist specialising in gem identification (for professionals or individuals).

Mining industry

Gemmologists can work on mining sites or in processing laboratories, as pre-market gemstone appraisers, traders, etc.


Visiting professor or guest speaker at a gemmology school or at a jewellery, watchmaking or other specialized school.

Specialised journalism

Gemmologist expert in writing or communicating about the world of gems (magazines, blogs, social networks, etc.)