The team

They are passionate and enthusiastic


Marie-Hélène Corbin, FGA
President and CEO


Julie Lascaris
Administrative Assistant

Our team

EGM’s teachers, all certified gemmologists who practice variously as appraisers, merchants, jewellers or lapidaries, are passionate about their work and share their enthusiasm with their students. The diversity of their backgrounds and experience is incomparably valuable to our students.

Elizabeth Beaumont, BAA, FGA, EGMA
Gemmologist and appraiser
Holding a BBA in marketing and international management and a Gem-A gemmologist’s diploma with honours, Elizabeth shares her passion through her many roles: a teacher and appraisal consultant, she is also involved in several gemmology and mineralogy clubs throughout Quebec.
Christine Dwane, FGA
Gemmologist, jeweller and appraiser
Christine holds a diploma in Gemmology (FGA) from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and is GIA-certified in coloured stone grading. She is a skilled and talented jeweller whose pieces are displayed in several galleries and boutiques across Canada. Her creations have won many awards and honours. She has been teaching at EGM for over 10 years.
Chandra Horn, MA, FGA, MV
Gemmologist and gemstone and jewellery appraiser
An FGA graduate of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and certified appraiser of rough diamonds, stones and jewellery, Chandra has been teaching at EGM for over 10 years. Her skills and mastery of her field allow her to support and guide students throughout their studies at the school.
Dorian Fitchko, FGA
A gemmologist certified by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, Dorian is a former student of the school who knows how to effectively prepare students for their Gem-A exams. He also teaches introductory courses in gemmology and assists participants in the pearl and diamond workshops.
Nicki Sherriff, FGA
Gemmologist and crystal, gem and jewellery merchant
In addition to earning Distinction honours with her diploma from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, Nicki also received its two highest prizes at the world level, the Anderson Medal and the Hirsh Foundation Award. In 2006, she won the Christies Prize, awarded to the student in the jewellery industry who achieves the highest grade worldwide.
Louise Van Colen, BA, FGA, MV
Gemmologist, appraiser and jeweller
Louise studied architecture in Europe and fashion design in Quebec before embracing a career in gemmology. A brilliant student, she was awarded the Gemmological Association of Great Britain’s Mok Diamond Practical Prize in recognition of her excellent work.
Michel Auzat, FCGmA (intervenant invité)
FCGmA gemmologist Michel Auzat specializes in crystallography, a discipline he teaches to students preparing for their Gem-A exams. During courses, he often uses pieces from his own extensive private crystal collection by way of illustration and example.
Gregory Kratch, FCGmA (guest lecturer)
Gemmologist, lapidary and miner
Gregory’s specialty is opal; to feed his passion he has travelled the world, and for 10 years worked in extraction sites in Australia. A true gem and treasure hunter, he shares both his incredible field experience and his personal collection of opals in teaching our students.